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Ion exchange technology

Shanghai Zhaoguang Chromatography Classification Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of separation and purification technologies in the fields of food, medicine and chemical industry. It focuses on the separation efficiency, consumption and environmental protection. It has developed a full-bed, mixed bed and simulated moving bed ion exchange system for customers. Provide optimized technical solutions.

1. Simulated moving bed continuous ion exchange technology

The simulated moving bed continuous ion exchange system is operated by two independent cation exchange systems and an anion exchange system. The liquid alternately flows through the anode and cathode resin beds to exchange ions to achieve the purpose of desalination and deashing.

The simulated moving bed continuous ion exchange system utilizes the principle of rotary trojan and uses valve array control to simultaneously perform adsorption, washing, regeneration and rinsing, one-button start, full automatic program operation, feeding, water inlet, regenerant and The feed temperature is automatically adjusted, pH value, conductance online monitoring, unattended, just do the appropriate inspection work.

Simulating the advantages of moving bed continuous separation

1. String column washing, low concentration top and high concentration, solves the problem of washing water strip.

2, online backwashing and cross-regeneration, to ensure the exchange capacity of the resin.

3. The column is regenerated, so that the regenerant is fully utilized and the regenerant consumption is reduced.

4, string column washing, reducing the amount of washing water, reducing the discharge of sewage.

5. Multi-column parallel feeding, only one new column is cut in each switching, which reduces the influence of system fluctuation on the pH value of the discharging.

6, valve array control, can achieve cross-column operation, easy equipment maintenance and maintenance.

7, full automatic control operation, reducing the human factor, to ensure the stability of the discharge quality.

Shanghai Zhaoguang simulated moving bed features

Shanghai Zhaoguang simulated moving bed continuous separation system is designed on the basis of full-floating floating bed and simulated moving bed. Therefore, the system takes into account the good quality of the full-floating floating bed and simulates the advantages of moving bed to save water and alkali. The specific features are as follows:

(1) It adopts floating bed operation, the pressure is reduced, the resin is broken, and the consumption of acid, alkali and water is reduced by 30% compared with the continuous moving bed of the conventional moving bed.

(2) The use of the Yang Yin column string washing process avoids the production of fructose during operation.

(3) The feed adopts the flow cascade sugar mode, which reduces the influence of the fluctuation of the discharge system on the concentration, conductance, chroma and PH value.

(4) Cross-column operation mode, in the case of non-stop production, the resin can be backwashed in vitro and the abnormality of the column is treated to ensure the stability of the system.

(5) The system adopts Rockwell DCS control system to realize the start and stop of the pump, speed control, real-time display of current, power, frequency and status, alarm and valve opening and running time through EtherNet/IP communication instrument ring. It is convenient for operators to monitor and trace back, reducing unnecessary fault points in hard wiring mode and improving equipment warning.

Simulated moving bed continuous departure for applicable fields

Used in desalination of starch sugar, food and fermentation industries - glucose, fructose, beer, sorbitol, xylitol, amino acids, citric acid and lactic acid.

Second, full chamber floating bed ion exchange technology

A full chamber bed is a bed in which two resin beds are joined together by a perforated plate with a water cap.

Form, the ineffective space is smaller than the traditional resin bed, the resin loading can reach 80%

Above, the full bed is the current trend in the development of ion exchange technology worldwide.

The superiority of a full bed

The full bed has a compact structure and simple operation, and the equipment utilization rate is high.

Low chemical consumption, high regeneration efficiency, low water consumption, and low wastewater discharge.

Good quality of sugar.

Full field floating bed ion exchange applicable field

Widely used in desalination of starch sugar, food and fermentation industries - glucose, fructose, maltose, maltodextrin, beer, sorbitol, xylitol, amino acids, citric acid and lactic acid.

Third, mixed bed ion exchange technology

The anion and cation exchange resins are installed in the same exchanger at a certain ratio, and they are mixed and homogenized purification equipment before operation, which is referred to as a mixed bed.

Advantages of mixed bed

The mixed bed is a kind of refined purification equipment capable of producing high-purity syrup. It has the advantages of stable sugar quality and obvious exchange end point, and deeply processes the discharge of the ion exchange system to obtain the highest quality syrup.

Mixed bed departure field

Widely used in the starch sugar, food and fermentation industry refining ------ fructose, maltose, maltodextrin, sorbitol, xylitol and so on.