Ion exchange

Simulated moving bed continuous departure

The simulated moving bed continuous ion exchange system adopts the principle of rotary trojan and valve array control to make desalination (decolorization), regeneration and washing simultaneously, intelligent control, one-button start, and online monitoring of various indicators.

It adopts floating bed operation, bottom feeding, upper discharge, pressure reduction, avoiding resin breakdown, and saving nearly 50% of chemical and detergent consumption compared with traditional ion exchange systems.


1. The column column is washed off, the low concentration top concentration is high, and the problem of washing water strip is solved.

2, online backwashing and cross-regeneration, to ensure the exchange capacity of the resin.

3. The column is regenerated, so that the regenerant is fully utilized and the regenerant consumption is reduced.

4, string column washing, reducing the amount of washing water, reducing the discharge of sewage.

5. Multi-column parallel feeding, only one new column is cut in each switching, which reduces the influence of system fluctuation on the pH value of the discharging.

6, valve array control, can achieve cross-column operation, easy equipment maintenance and maintenance.

7, full automatic control operation, reducing the human factor, to ensure the stability of the discharge quality.