Membrane filtration separation

Membrane filtration

The organic roll membrane filtration system provided by Shanghai Zhaoguang Bioengineering Design and Research Institute is applied to the starch saccharification liquid to remove impurities such as protein, fiber, fat and colloidal substances, which can improve product quality, reduce the amount of activated carbon and increase the yield of by-products. The membrane filtration of Zhaoguang Research Institute uses a higher precision membrane core, combined with a deep understanding of the entire starch sugar process, the system has the characteristics of high product quality, high yield, low electrical load and low water consumption.

Engineering case:

Luzhou Liaoning Company

Baolingbao Biological Co., Ltd.

Shandong Zhonggu Starch Sugar Co., Ltd.

Henan Yongchang Feitian Starch Sugar Co., Ltd.

Baixi Xierui Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Zhao Qinghuan Incident Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Zhongwu Food Technology Co., Ltd.

Qinhuangdao Hao Starch Co., Ltd.