Chromatographic separation

Simulated moving bed chromatography

The core technology of Zhaoguang Technology: Sequential Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography Separation Technology (SSMB), the comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and the indicators have reached or exceeded the foreign counterparts, providing an industrial chromatogram with an annual production capacity of over 6 million tons for the Chinese market. The device is mainly used for the purification and separation of starch sugar, functional sugar, alcohol, dietary fiber, mother liquor, medicine, organic acid, amino acid and the like, and has been applied to crystalline fructose, oligofructose, F55 fructose syrup, inulin, crystallizing Glucose mother liquor, maltitol, xylose, arabinose, xylooligosaccharide, oligoisomaltose, trehalose, tagatose, saccharification solution, organic acid, etc., Cargill, Roquette, COFCO, Yihai Kerry Nearly 100 customers including Shanghai Haocheng, Baolingbao, Meihua Group, Tianli Pharmaceutical, Henan Feitian, Huaxu Pharmaceutical, Shandong Lujian, Luzhou Group, Longli Bio, and Zoyuan Group.

Advantages of megachromatography separation technology:

1. High quality index: not only the purity and yield of the product are high, but also the water to material ratio of the chromatogram is low;

2. Good research and development foundation: complete research and development platform, high-end test equipment and rich technical reserves;

3. Excellent professional talents: technical talents, wide technical coverage and strong innovation ability;

4. Technical services: professionalization of technical consultation, integration of technical services, and efficient response to appeals;

5. New system design: unique equipment design, parameter setting humanity, and process control science;

6. Many project experiences: a wide range of technical adaptation, many engineering cases, and good running results;