Liquefaction and evaporation integration
Multi-effect falling film evaporator

Shanghai Zhaoguang Research Institute integrates the starch liquefaction system with the evaporation and concentration system, and couples the two into a whole. Under the future of improving the quality of starch liquefaction, the evaporation and concentration fully utilizes the secondary steam generated by the system, and the low-temperature concentration technology ensures The quality of the material saves steam consumption.

main feature:

1. Saving steam consumption: Annual production of 150,000 tons of crystallized glucose per hour Saving steam 9.0t/h per hour, annual economic benefit: 11.66 million yuan (working for 300 days per year, working 24 hours a day, steam price 180 yuan / t).

2, improve the liquefaction effect: the application of flashing improves the liquefaction effect (high pressure difference improves the gelatinization effect), and increases the Dx value of the final saccharification solution (if the Novozymes 975 saccharification enzyme is combined, the Dx value of the sugar liquid is ≥97.5%, The total crystallization yield was increased to 107%).

3. Increasing the concentration of saccharification solution: Under the premise of constant liquefaction concentration, due to the cooling (especially using flash), the saccharification concentration is increased (the saccharification concentration is increased on the premise of improving the gelatinization effect), and the corresponding concentration is lowered. Cost and investment in the evaporator.

Engineering case:

1. Dacheng Group Shanghai Haocheng Company

2. Suzhou Peak Company

3. Hebei Jianmin Starch Sugar Co., Ltd.;

4. Hebei Funing Starch Co., Ltd.;

5. Hebei Hao Starch Co., Ltd.;

6. Luzhou Shandong Company, Luzhou Henan Company, Luzhou Shaanxi Company, Luzhou Sichuan Company;

7. Zhucheng Yuhua Company, Zhucheng Dongxiao Company, Zhucheng Xiaodong Company;

8. Xiwang Group;

9. Thailand P.S.C. Starch Products PCL

10. Henan Feitian Starch Co., Ltd.;

11. Anhui Fengyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd.;

12. Shanxi Jiexiu Weiqun Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

13. Inner Mongolia Fufeng Group;

14. Shandong Baolingbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

15. Shandong Kaixiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.;

16. Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

17. Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Group

18. Hubei Hanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

19. Henan Yucheng Jinyu Lactic Acid Company

More than 200 units use the evaporator of Zhaoguang Company.

At present, Shanghai Zhaoguang Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. has developed into the largest production base of falling film evaporators in China, and is the only enterprise in China that produces five-effect seven-body falling film evaporators.