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2017 The 8th China International Starch Sugar Technology Exchange Conference was held in Shanghai
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The 2017 Starch Sugar Technology Exchange was held on June 21st and 22nd, 2017 at Shanghai Boya Hotel. The annual starch sugar technology exchange meeting is a grand event in the starch sugar industry. The purpose of the meeting is to recognize the situation, clear direction, exchange technology and contact customers. Nearly 100 representatives attended the 2017 Starch Sugar Technology Exchange. Many equipment and accessories manufacturers at home and abroad have also actively participated in the exchange, so that the new technologies, new materials and new equipment of the starch sugar industry can be fully displayed. The starch sugar technology exchange will be set up between the equipment accessories manufacturers and the starch sugar customers. Communication bridge.

(Photograph of the main representative of the 2017 China International Starch Sugar Technology Exchange)

The 2017 starch sugar technology exchange meeting was introduced by Wang Zhaoguang, vice president of the starch association. Wei Xuming, secretary general of the starch industry association, delivered the opening speech, Xie Haihua, chief engineer of COFCO Rongshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Hao Jianming, deputy general manager of Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Wang Mingzhou, manager of Dow Chemical Marketing Department, presided over the meeting.

(Opening speech by Wei Xuming, Secretary General of the Starch Industry Association)

Deputy Secretary-General Sun Mingdao made a report on "Sweet careers are closely related to people's lives." Wei Xuming and Sun Mingdao, two secretary-generals, reviewed the situation of the starch sugar industry in 2016 and looked forward to the development trend in 2017. It is said that the form of the starch sugar industry in 2017 is mixed. The good news is that the country's corn de-stocking policy is that the starch sugar raw materials are sufficient, the price is cheap, and the high price of sucrose brings business opportunities to the starch sugar. The whole starch sugar industry is in a profitable and good start state. Worryingly, in addition to the new expansion projects that have been put into operation in 2017, there are still 27 huge projects that deal with a total of 37.36 million tons of corn in the year (including alcohol 450/corn, mostly commercial starch, amino acids, crystal sugar). Among them, there are 23 companies with 20.76 million tons of projects under construction and construction, and most of them will be completed this year. After these projects are completed and put into production, the starch sugar industry will fall into fierce competition. Therefore, recognizing the situation, improving the product structure, and extending the industrial chain are the key to winning the initiative in the competition.

(Deputy Secretary-General Sun Mingdao is reporting)

At the same time, the Starch Sugar Professional Committee held the 8th Second Council. The Secretary General of the Professional Committee Zhang Yiliang summarized the work of the 2016 Starch Sugar Professional Committee, analyzed and summarized the current form of the starch sugar industry, and organized the election of a new One session of the Council.

Technology and industry exchanges are the focus of the 8th Starch Sugar Technology Exchange. The content of this technical exchange meeting is very rich. The lectures on the development direction of the industry include the report of "China's bio-industry development plan and the development trend of starch sugar technology" by the Secretary-General of the Bio-fermentation Industry Association, Novozymes. The report on the development trend of the starch processing industry, the report of the development of the starch sugar industry by the general manager of Cargill Liu Jun, these reports gave participants a more thorough understanding of the recent development of starch sugar and relevant national policies. Understanding, it will be of great benefit to the company's future decisions.

The new technologies of this conference include particle charcoal and special resin decolorization technology, high-purity chromatography technology, simulated moving bed continuous separation technology, and high-concentration liquefaction technology. The new product is the new maltodextrin product introduced by Professor Gu Zhengyi from Jiangnan University. Zhang Zong’s “Integrity in People’s Heart, Management and Creation of Benefits” report of Wuxi Xianfeng Company pointed out the direction for how small enterprises survive and develop. The current starch sugar technology exchange meeting was a complete success.