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The 5th Chromatography Forum in 2017 was successfully held in Shanghai
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On March 26, 2017, the 5th Chromatography Forum was held at the Kaiyuan Manju Hotel in Shanghai. More than 70 delegates attended the conference. Most of the representatives came from chromatograph equipment manufacturers. Some resin manufacturers and representatives from higher education institutions also attended the meeting. one day. Wei Xuming, secretary general of the China Starch Association, attended the meeting and delivered an opening speech. The forum mainly focuses on the principle of chromatography, the use of chromatographic packing, the latest research results of chromatographic technology, the development status of chromatographic equipment and control, and the troubleshooting methods for common faults in industrial chromatographic equipment. At present, the current chromatographic technology in the field of starch sugar and sugar alcohol is that chromatographic technology is widely used, chromatographic equipment is fully localized, chromatographic technology is comprehensively improving the technological level of production of starch sugar and sugar alcohol, and chromatographic technology combined with new technologies such as membrane technology. The technical level of starch sugar production technology in China is being continuously improved.

Secretary Wei wrote a brief introduction to the form of the starch sugar industry. Dean Wang Zhaoguang explained that chromatographic technology has improved the production process of starch sugar and related fields. Professor Cai Fuli, a chromatographer, reviewed the 45-year simulated moving bed chromatographic separation in China. After a difficult and glorious history of technological research and development, after 45 years of hard work, China's simulated moving bed chromatography separation technology has finally reached the world's advanced level. The new product released in this forum is marine oligosaccharide. The new technology is high-purity chromatographic separation technology. The new process is a variety of chromatographic purification modes of glucose mother liquor. The highlight of this conference is the high number of university representatives, indicating that colleges and universities have begun to pay attention to the research and teaching of chromatographic technology. The Shanghai Chromatography Forum is the highest-level conference in the field of simulated moving bed chromatography separation technology in China. The forum will play a positive role in promoting the popularization of chromatographic technology.

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