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2018 Starch Sugar Forum was held in Shanghai
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The 2018 Starch Sugar Forum was held on July 12 and 13, 2018 at the Kaiyuan Manju Hotel in Shanghai. The Starch Sugar Forum is an annual starch sugar technology exchange meeting. Its purpose is to understand the industry situation, clarify the development direction, facilitate communication technology, and build a liaison platform. The 2018 Starch Sugar Forum has nearly 100 representatives from 60 units. The representatives who participated in the forum came from various starch sugar factories, universities, domestic and foreign equipment and accessories manufacturers, and were widely represented. Everyone had a wide exchange together and achieved the desired results.

(2018 Starch Sugar Forum representative photo)

The 2018 Starch Sugar Forum was introduced by Wang Zhaoguang, Vice President of the Starch Association. Professor Gu Zhengbiao from South University, Hao Jianming, Deputy General Manager of Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Xie Haihua, Chief Engineer of COFCO Rongshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dow Chemical Asia Pacific Wang Mingzhou, manager of the special application marketing department, presided over the meeting.

(Wang Zhaoguang, vice president of the Starch Association, introduced the meeting)

Secretary-General Wei of China Starch Association gave a special speech on "Development and Future Direction of Starch Industry". The speech is rich in content and the amount of information is very large. It elaborates on the status quo and future of China's starch industry, especially the status quo of starch sugar. A detailed analysis of future developments was carried out. In 2017, the output of starch sugar was 11.78 million tons, up 15% over the previous year, liquid sugar production increased by 36%, and solid sugar production decreased by 12.5%. There is still room for growth of liquid sugar in the future. The concentration of starch sugar production is further accelerated. However, due to the large-scale expansion and large-scale construction, the competition in the future starch sugar market will be extremely fierce, and survival will become a huge difficulty for starch sugar enterprises.

Secretary-General Wei Xuming gave a special speech

Deputy Secretary-General Sun Mingdao made a report on "Environmental Governance has become a top priority for the development of the industry." The report pointed out that it is necessary to change the post-development governance, and to develop along the border, to achieve governance and development, to clarify environmental governance is the last word, environmental protection is the primary problem in today's society.

(Secretary-General Sun Mingdao gave a special speech)

In addition, Du Jun, Director General of China Bio-fermentation Industry Association, reported on "Starch Sugar Industry Problems and Opportunities", Hao Jianming, Deputy General Manager of Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd., "Welcome to Challenge and Re-create Brilliance - China Starch Sugar Industry 2018" The report, the report of Cargill General Manager Liu Jun's "The Future of Corn Deep Processing Industry in the New Era", all discussed the overall situation of the starch sugar industry from different angles. The overall situation of the 2018 starch sugar industry is: corn supply and price uncertainty, overcapacity leads to fierce competition, the environmental protection situation is severe, and the survival crisis of starch sugar enterprises is highlighted. In the future, the efforts of starch sugar enterprises will be: to ensure a solid capital chain, to actively expand the layout, to strive for new profit growth points, and to extend the industrial chain as much as possible.

The conference had a wide range of technical exchanges and the starch sugar forum was a complete success.