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The 6th Chromatography Forum was successfully held in Shanghai in 2019
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On March 17, 2019, the 6th Chromatography Forum was held at the Kaiyuan Manju Hotel in Shanghai. More than 70 delegates attended the conference. Most of the representatives were from chromatographic equipment manufacturers. Some resin manufacturers and representatives from higher education institutions also attended the meeting. one day. Wei Xuming, secretary general of the China Starch Association, attended the meeting and delivered an opening speech. The forum mainly introduces the principle of chromatography, new chromatographic packing and performance introduction, the latest chromatographic research results, the development status of chromatographic equipment and control, and the troubleshooting methods for common faults in industrial chromatographic equipment. At present, the development status of chromatographic technology in the field of starch sugar and sugar alcohol is: chromatographic technology is widely used, chromatographic equipment is fully localized; sets of chromatographic techniques for multi-set chromatography have been applied; chromatographic technology has become a substitute for crystallization and membrane separation technology. Trends; simulated moving bed continuous crossing technology has begun to be widely used.

In the speech, Secretary-General Wei briefly described the form of the starch sugar industry. Wang Zhaoguang made a report on the «Blue Sugar Manufacturing Innovation Practice», and simulated the moving bed departure expert Hao Hao made a report on the simulated mobile bed exchange technology. .

Secretary-General Wei's speech

The new product released at this meeting is a special resin for the separation of tetrasaccharides; the new technology is the enzymatic preparation and purification of malto-oligosaccharides; the new idea is the smart solution of intelligent IoT plant; the new plan is the construction and practice of enterprise technology system. The content of the meeting was substantial, rich, novel and practical, and achieved the expected results.

Chromatography Forum Representatives Group Photo